talati cum mantri paper solution 12-2-2017 rajkot series B.

talati cum mantri paper solution 12-2-2017 rajkot series B.

Talati cum mantri PDF paper solution you can download here. You can download final answer key and boost your exam preparation. 

1.While the party .........., the lights went out.
(A) is celebrating (B) being celebrated (C) was celebrating (D) celebrating
(E) Not Attempted
2. What does 'only' in your house come to be 'only'?
(A) Adjective (B) Adjective (C) Properly (D) Assay (E) Not Attempted
How much of 3.0.8% is the simple interest of five years. 1800 done.
(A) Rs. 4800 (B) Rs 5500 (C) Rs 4500 (D) Rs 4000 (E) Not Attempted
In which continent are the famous Amazon river situated in the world?
(A) South America (B) North America (C) Europe (D) India (E) Not Attempted
5. When was the end of East India Company's rule in India?
(A) e. 1773 (B) c. 1757 (c) e. 1858 (D) c. 1864
(E) Not Attempted
6 ........... Ugly are not bad at hearts.
(A) None of these (B) The (D) An (E) Not Attempted
7. What is the main purpose behind Demonetization recently?
(A) All the three mentioned here (B) combating black money (C) fight against terrorism
(D) To eliminate the business of counterfeit notes (E) Not Attempted
8. The police are .......... with enforcement of law and order.
(A) ensured (B) responsible (C) entrusted (D) neccessary (E) Not Attempted
9. An average of approximately 100 meters above sea level is approximately .......... The amount of air pressure is reduced to millibars.
(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) (D) 1 (E) Not Attempted
10. Golden Quadrilateral National Highway connects the city with Mumbai-Delhi-Kolkata and ............
(A) Chennai (B) Jalandhar (C) Bangalore (D) Hyderabad (E) Not Attempted
11 ........... hard work, he was a failure in everything
(A) What (Y) (C) As (D) Thought (E) Not Attempted
12. Let ......... Proud be taught the wisdom of politeness
(A) None of these (B) a (C) an (D) the (E) Not Attempted
13. UN What day is celebrated as the United Nations Day?
(A) 26 September (B) 24 September (C) 24 October (D) 02 October (E) Not Attempted
14. Name the guru of Meerambai.
(A) Gonsai Swamy (B) Jiva Gonsai (C) Dudaji (D) Bhojrajj (E) Not Attempted
15.She died ......... kidney infection
(A) by (B) in C) with (D) of (E) Not Attempted
16. In accordance with the RTE Act, how many years have there been provision of free and compulsory education for all children?
(A) 11 (B) 13 (C) 15 (D) 14 (E) Not Attempted
17. Who is known as the creator of Kafis?
(A) Growth (B) Bhoja Bhagat (C) Premanand (D) Dayaram (E) Not Attempted
18. When was the first time the Comet's Comet appeared?
(A) e. 1988 (B) c. 1976 (c) c. 1966 (D) c. 1986 (E) Not Attempted
19. The size of the three sides of a triangle is 6, 8 and 10, respectively, if it is ......... triangles.
(A) Right angle (B) Cortex (C) Shortening (D) Gravitational (E) Not Attempted
20. Urdu ........ From right to left.
(A) is written (B) write (C) has written (D) writes (E) Not Attempted
21. Right angle triangle has an angle of right angle. While the remaining two angles are always ..........
(A) right angle (B) gravitational (C) substrate (D) supplement (E) Not Attempted
22. The organism passing through the center of the circle says ....

talati cum mantri paper solution

(A) Width (B) Radius (C) Diameter (D) Percent (E) Not Attempted
23. Name the poet of 'Janani' poetry.
(A) Dalpatram (B) Botadkar (C) awake (D) Balmukund Dave (E) Not Attempted
24. What was the law of freedom of person and freedom of speech?
(A) Charter Act (B) Directorate Act (c) Rowlet Act (D) Pete Act (E) Not Attempted
25. What is the full name of the word 'Bhima' (BHIM) in the debate recently?
(A) None of the three mentioned here (B) Bharat heavy interface management
(C) Bhel interface money (D) Bharat interface for money (E) Not Attempted
26 .. .......... Learning is a dangerous thing
(A) Much (B) A few (C) A little (D) Little (E) Not Attempted
27. The yoga of line segmentation is defined as ......... by three identical points.
(A) Proximal (B) Triangle (c) Quadrilaterals (D) Circle (E) Not Attempted
28. What is the first poem of early Gujarati language?
(A) Father's Paper (b) Virary's departure (c) Viraat's hindrance (D) Bapani Piper
(E) Not Attempted
29. Find out the same meaning of 'SPIED'.
(A) Caught (B) Keeep watch (C) Followed (D) Spot (E) Not Attempted
30. What are the attributes of someone who is praised or praised as a condemnation?
(A) Depreciation (B) Personality (C) Subject (D) Update (E) Not Attempted

31. Which is the poem 'Kasumbini', a poem?
(A) Balmukund Dave (B) Umashankar (C) Zaverchand Meghani (D) Sneharshmi
(E) Not Attempted
32. Who is the author of the book 'History of the Freedom Movement in India'?
(A) Govindbhai Hathibhai (B) Tarachand (C) M. Watercolor (D) Pattaabhi Sitaramaiya
(E) Not Attempted
33. The average temperature of hot weather in the hot summer months and the average temperature of the cold month in the cold is known as temperature.
(a) Annual (B) Average (C) Daily (D) Monthly (E) Not Attempted
34. Who is the creator of the 'Bhadrampudra' novel?
(A) Ramanbhai Neelkanth (B) Bakul Tripathi (C) Vinod Bhatt (D) Jyotindra Dave
(E) Not Attempted
35. What language does the Gujarati language originate from?
(A) Rajasthani (B) Hindi (C) Sanskrit (D) Prakrit (E) Not Attempted
36. Shardpak is situated in which of the following places?
(A) Full (B) Badrinath (C) Sreenatha D (D) Dwarka (E) Not Attempted
37. What is the mouthpiece of Gujarat Sahitya Akademi?
(A) Intellect (B) Word creation (C) Parab (D) Kumar
(E) Not Attempted
38. What are the attributes of Gujarati language?
(A) multiply (B) sign (C) two letter (D) three letters
(E) Not Attempted
39. What is Takhalus of Tribhuvandas Blacksmith?
(A) Gyanbal (B) Vasuki (C) Sundaram (D) Uishan
(E) Not Attempted
40. Show the correct spelling of the word 'ticket'.
(A) Ticket (b) Ticket (C) Ticket (D) Ticket (E) Not Attempted
41. What words should be spelled as originally?
(A) mixed words (B) country (C) Tantam (D)
(E) Not Attempted
42. Who is the governor of the present Reserve Bank?
(A) Arithingh Thakur (B) Raghuram Rajan (C) Arun Jaitley (E) Not Attempted
43. Who is the father of 'Ayaan'?
(A) Vishnudas (B) Premanand (C) Nakkar (D) Vallabhan (E) Not Attempted
44. Who is the father of sonnet literature?
(A) M Yes. Patel (B) Energy (C) c. Mother Munshi (D) b. A Thakor (E) Not Attempted
45. In which conference was the January 26th celebration of Independence Day?
(A) Lahore (B) Karachi (C) Haripura (D) Tripura (E) Not Attempted
46, which is the world's number of human poverty derivatives?
(a) 48 (B) 58 (C) 62 (D) 45 (E) Not Attempted
47. Who is the deputy speaker of the Gujarat Legislature?
(A) Shampuji Thakor, (B) Mangubhai Patel (C) Ganpat Bhai Vasawa
(D) Ramanbhai Vora (E) Not Attempted
48. What was the currency of Kutch when it was popular during the British rule?
(A) Dump (B) Corey (C) Nickel (D) Pavli
(E) Not Attempted
49. Whose interests are made of tarantine?
(A) Pine (B) Cedar (C) Wide (D) Sundari (E) Not Attempted
50. At which Golmaji conference did Gandhiji attend?
(A) None (B) First (C) Second (D) Third (E) Not Attempted

PDF paper link:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L4TYMbBm_IL_imOzyN0N4vGRy4Z-YJc3
answer key: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZIcMSZM9sZ7-Zjv5uVEKIgQ1bihoXTCv

talati cum mantri paper solution 12-2-2017 rajkot series B.

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